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maestro TV - Murat's interview (english)

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1 maestro TV - Murat's interview (english) on Thu Jan 02, 2014 3:12 pm



Interview with Murat Yildirim on MaestroTV on December 31st, 2013.
MaestroTV: Good evening Murat. Thank you very much for participating in our program, Georgian audience, MaestroTV audience knows you as Demir, as Savaş. Now Murat is sitting in front of me. What Murat Yildirim has in common with his two characters Savaş Baldar and Demır Doğan?
   MY: There are similarities between Demir and Savaş. They are both the sons of the same land, from Anatolya. They both have similar personalities and at the same time they are different. Savaş can openly express his feelings, his love, his sorrow. Demir is more restrained, more closed. He can't openly express his feelings and thoughts. He is doing this indirectly. I am also from Anatolya. I was raised there, with those people. I lived by those rules and traditions. Therefore there are similarities between us. So I have special characteristic Savaş and  Demir share. When trying to describe a character, you always find a similarity to that person. When you are creating a work of art, you see a feature that belongs to you. As I mentioned before, Savaş expresses his feelings openly. I am the same way, though it depends on the circumstances. Some people might not like my being straightforward, so I need to be indirect. For some, explanation is not necessary, they can understand with your actions, what you want to say. So I share some of Savaş and Demir's characteristics. I think women like to be more indirect and men are more straightforward. Sometimes this happens in my family also. When my wife wants to tell me something and she is trying to find a way how to tell me, after living together for so long, I understand right away what she's trying to say Men's minds don't work this way. They prefer to express themselves directly, exectly the same way as Savaş.
   MaestroTV: When you play your roles, does anything stay with you from these characters?  You said, that sometimes you have  lot in common with your characters. Have any one of them had such an impact on you, that it stayed with you and changed you some way?
   MY: No. It takes a lot of time to take part in Turkish Series. You work 6-7 days a week. Of course you live by the qualities of your characters, but if you stay in role and live by  your character's quality lives after the shooting is over, you won't be able to get the pleasure out of life. I am the same way. On the set I transfer to my characters and live by their lives, outside the set I am myself again and live me own life. Though there are days when you shoot hard and sensitive scenes, at end of the day it's hard to return to reality and leave the influence of the Psychological pressure of the character. Every profession is peculiarly difficult, our profession is also associated with difficulties. I think it's much more pleasant to live your own life by your own rules or by the God's rules, rather than live someone else's life.
   MaestroTV: As it so happens serials as a genre, did you choose yourself or you got your first invitations from them and then automaticaly you became leading actor of the series.
  MY: I took parts in student's plays during my University years. At the time I had no desire to participate in any movies or series. At that time I only took parts in the plays, because it was a great pleasure of mine to be on stage with friends. One of my friends who was writing a script for TV- series, had attanded my play, he liked me and recommended to try myself in the castings of the Beşıktaş Cultural Center. I'd like to thank my friend and other people who trusted me and gave me my first role. So I made the first step in the field of television. At the time participating in the series by the  theatre actors, was a bit strange. That's why everyone was telling me what was I doing in the TV-series. But over time they have changed their minds. Because cinema was invaded by theatre actors. It was a pleasure for theatre actors to participate in motion pictures.  (Then reporter and her assistant are discussing that everybody is individual in their likes and dislikes. And Murat is saying I have not talked that much, girls stop gossiping.) Laughs.
 MaestroTV: You've mentioned University, you graduated from Tecnical University and could you tell us if there is any connection in general, between being an actor and tecnical issue, Especially you love Mathematics? Does Math help you  in acting? Is the Profession, which you received in this Tecnical University, connected with your career in any way?
  MY: Yes, sometimes it helps. When I chose the Tecnical University, I have not even thought about being an actor. That's life. We don't know what will happen tomorrow. It is full of unexpected things. It is a pleasure. Lyceum I finished in Adana.  Because I knew Mathematics well enough I, as well as my family, have decided to become an engineer. But my  mom wanted me to become a doctor. That's why they made me change my decision and write Medical in the application, but I also added Tecnical University - Mechanical Engineering, at the last minute. That's how I ended up there and I came to Istanbul. At that time and age, I still did not know what I wanted. It was not just my fault, it was also caused by the situation. Along with many other reasons, it was connected with the Education System. In the childhood if you are good in Math and General Skills have developed well, parents think you should definitely  follow this area. If you are talented in other fields also, life might give you opportunity and you should detect it yourself.
  MaestroTV: Do you have a goal which is very desirable for you. For example, different genre, like art house or maybe theatre again. Do you think that you should make a change because we already know you as leading man of the series, very talented actor. Do you have a dreams and goals?
  MY: I have only participated in two movies. It's been approximately 4-5 years since the last movie. At this stage of my career I made a switch towards the series. Which is why I missed a chance to participate in the movies. Presently I can say that I agreed to take part in two movies. It will be announced soon which are these movies. My future will be connected to the motion picture, of course. For actor, this is  kind of a plarform. Theatre is the same way. Theatre helps actors, develops them, growing them professionally. Actor gets more experienced, more refined in the theatre. I tried to participate in the series and the theatre at the same time once, and I have found out that to be quite difficult. I don't want to push myself too hard to take part in the movie and the series at he same time again.  
   MaestroTV: We read some of your old interviews and you have said you have favorite actors. Such as Johnny Depp, Sean Penn. What do you like in them?
   MY: They wanted to play alongside me not the other way(Laughing). The world has recognized these actors. That's why whether I like them or not, it does not mean anything. Javier Bardem, Sean Penn, Johnny Depp and many more. There are many actors, both in Turkey and Europe which I like. These are people who are professionals and whatever they do, they do it earnestly. I think Sean Penn has a political vision, which is more important then the actor's career. In my opinion, no matter what profession you have, you have to be a good human beaing. I guess I'm such a person. It can be seen from my personality, from my roles. Also from my face, my eyes and my heart. Johnny Depp reflects all these the same way.  There are actors who I like as much as you do.
  MaestroTV: We've talked about male actors. I am wondering if there is an actress with whom you would love to be partners with?
  MY: Of course there are very good actresses with whom I'd love to be partners with. Right now the first person that comes in mind is Jennifer Lawrence, an actress who is liked by everyone.  Also Natalie Portman, she is really a very good actress. But I would prefer to be  partners with the experienced Meryl Streep. I only work with Oscar-winning actors (Laughing).
   MaestroTV: I am sure Our audience is interested in with your partners, because you become their family member when they watch your series. What is the relationship between you and the actresses that you play family members, or boyfriend or husband with in real life?
    MY: With most of them I still have a good relationship. As I mentioned before when you spend 6 days a week with them, they become members of your family. Moreover we serve the same purpose and we are a team. In order to have a bad relationship, a bad or difficult conditions should be created, which happens very rarely. Perhaps I am lucky that I had to work with very good people. I don't know, maybe we are desposing sympathy towards each other.  My last series "Game of Silence," we had an amazing friendship. Same was in "Love and Punishment." Nurgül and other professionals who participated in this series, also Misses Tomrin and Kerim Bey, I am talking about my screen Mother and Pala, they are all very good people. We understood each other well and we had a very good time together. Shooting of the series "Asi" took place outside the city. For me it was the period when I was becoming familiar with this profession, because I was just starting out. We had some difficulties, not only me, but the whole team, because we were shooting in the difficult conditions outside the city. (Smiling)  I am talking too much. Often happens when partners want to continue friendship in life also. I mean female partners. I've never been this way, because for me my female partners are like business partners. For me, our relationship is important only during the shooting. When the filming  is over, it's over for me too. Remaining friends with my partner is like part of my job, because life goes on.
   MaestroTV: Can you name any actress known for Georgian Audience, your partners from "Asi" or "Love and Punishment", with whom you are still friends with and have frequent communication with?
  MY: Of course. I still have friends from the series with whom I  still continue the relationship. We visit each other.
   MaestroTV: I am going to ask you about your family life. I am taking into the consideration the wishes of our audience. They want to find out more about you. Your wife.  How have you two met?
   MY: It's good to have a  family and it's even better to have a good family. Especially if you also have children, it's wonderful. All these we know from our own families.
I am a result of the marriage between a teacher father and a housewife mother. Among three siblings I am middle and the only son. I have an elder and younger sisters. The importance of the family and how precious it is, we learn from our own families. The family is the group of people that protects you from the problems of the outside world. I don't mean a families that are created only by man and a woman. Your friends could be you family. So you can continue be a family together with your parents. However, it is very important to have someone close to you, who you can trust, who will love you unconditionally and  be there for you always. I am very lucky because I was raised in the happy family and had a happy childhood. When I got married, I wanted to keep and protect the family idyll. When you live a happy life, you want to continue your happiness after marriage. This is the purpose of getting married. Of course this is not always the case. But perhaps I was lucky and perhaps God has helped me to have such a good a pure hearted wife. Therefore spiritually, I am very calm and at peace with her. At this point, everything is good. It would bengood to have children, it would have made us heppier. I beleive that you'll pray for me, I would pray for you.
   MaestroTV: inşallah. This is very popular word. Can you tell us what your working
day and your day off are like? What is your way of living? What are your interests?
   MY: My working day is very busy. I start early in the morning and finish late at night. Morning must be started  vigorously, because during filming  only artistic talent might not be enough. Participating in the series is very difficuld, especially in Turkey. (Smiling) It really is true. Therefore, the mood must be adequate. You need to have good breakfast, should drink Espresso. You should be on the good mood at the set and you must concentrate on the location. There are a lot of surprises  on the set, but we don't know what they are. Because you might work in the different environments every day.  Shootings  take place not only in the studio, we change places often. We might get to the strange places. So every time we have to be ready for any obstacles.
  MaestroTV: As for the day off.  We know you used to play drums. Are you still playing? What do you do on your free time? Do you like to read  literature, Do you spend some time with friends? Do you go to the night clubs? What do you do?
   MY: I used to play drums for my pleasure. It's been approximately a year since I worked. I'd like to dedicate some time to myself, as you have said, I want to fill my life with the things, that are missing from my life and do things that I normally don't have time to do. Of course being an actor, is my source of income, though I am doing this for my pleasure as well as for the income. This time period I don't think of as a free time, because I take parts in certain programs. For example there are lot of books that reading them is not necessary but you just want to read them. There are lot of movies that nobody forcing you to watch, you just want to watch them. I am also engaged in sports. Football is my favorite. I am studying English. It's true that I have not paid enough attention to the language learning lately, but now I would like to deepen my knowledge. I might start learning Spanish also. Maybe Georgian too.
   MaestroTV: You mentioned Georgia. Have you ever been there? What do you know about your neighboring country?
   MY: I've never been in Georgia but I know that you are our neighboring country. I also know that you became Independent in the 90-es. Also from historical sources I know that  earlier then 90-es you lost Independence two-three times. I know that Georgia had very hard times under the Russian Rulling. All these I know from history. It's been more that 20 years since you became Independent. You are very lucky to be living in the Independent country  and have happy lives. At this time I don't know too much about Georgia, but perhaps meeting with you is a step forward  knowing your country more closely. Our series that are broadcasting in Georgia, are connecting bridges between two countries and two cultures. I've seen images of Tbilisi (capital of Georgia). The river devides the city into two parts. On the one side of the river there are historical places. On the other side more Modern- New City. I know that there are Beautiful Historical Ottoman Monuments also. Maybe I even have Georgian ancestor but I just don't know it. The world, people and cultures have  merged so tightly that speaking about Nationality is little bit awkward. I consider all ethnics as my brothers. I've never had a Georgian friend but I often meet them. We have large population of Georgians in Turkey. I don't remember exact number, but they are more then 500,000.
   MaestroTV: Well, we actually have many questions for you but I know that time is limited here, so I want to go towards the final. we have a little surprise prepared, about how people know you in Tbilisi - the Georgian Capital. I'd like to show this to you and you could evaluate the knowledge of Turkish language, which was promptly made by our correspondent. She has put in a tremendous effort that you would be able to understand in your own language what is the report about.
  - Hello Mr. Murat! Now we are in one of the most fashionable and popular restaurants.  Let's go inside so we can interview some of the girls. I wonder what do they know about Savaş Baldar. (She is showing them picture of Murat).  Hello girls, what do you know about this person?  Do you know this person? Savaş Baldar. ... Hello, what do you think of this person? Savaş  is very good, nice.  How do you know? We know him from the TV series "Love and Punishment"- Welcome, what can you tell me about this man? Oh, this is Savaş.
 Now it's time to go out to the street from this popular restaurant and ask people out  there what they think of Savaş Baldar in Georgia?
- Welcome, Do you know this man? I  Know, this is a Turkish actror Savaş.  - Hello! Do you know who is this person? Demir. Oh, this is Murat Yildirim.. Who is it? Savaş Baldar.
Savash! This is for you! (Bouquet)  Murat Yildirim ... Demir... Savaş... Savaş...
You know Savaş, children know and love you very much also.
Could you tell me who is this person? - Savaş...  For women - one good-looking man.
  MY: - Very beautiful and sentimental! When our series are broadcasted abroad, I know that their audience are experiencing friendliness toward us. When I say that I know, I mean that I have read or heard about it. It is the first time I saw street polls.
    MaestroTV: There is such a company "Castel" which is the sponsor of - Murat's series. When they learned that we are going to interview him, they made a special trip and we would like to introduce them to him, because they also are a big fans of his.
   MY: I am delighted with the report that  I saw ... I thank you  very much. .. I swear I was very moved by this story ... I was so moved that I can not even describe the feelings I am experiencing. From the buttom of my heart, thank you... I wish you good health, a peaceful and happy new year! See you! Goodbye!

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