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Tuba Buyukustun interview Marie Claire 2008

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1Tuba Buyukustun interview Marie Claire 2008 Empty Tuba Buyukustun interview Marie Claire 2008 on Fri Jul 19, 2013 2:51 pm


Tuba says that she has only one problem ; to find a man who she can trust
Tuba admits that she is a difficult woman and she is trying to be honest. There are many things that she hides and she wants to keep to herself; things that she cannot discuss because of her nature, personality, and her previous life experiences over the last few years after becoming famous.
She is always reviewing her decisions and judging her actions.
I asked her how many times she fell in love but she did not answer. She replied by saying that if she answers the question, she will be misunderstood and the media will use it against her.
She talks about her childhood and how she used to be left alone because her parents were constantly working. This caused her loneliness and fear of socialization. As a result, she was very shy and it was hard for her to trust people quickly.

Question" Can old lovers become friends?"

Tuba" Possible, I wish it was possible. When you love a person, this means he is special to you. If he was special to you at one point, he will remain special to you all your life even if you cut ties with him. These people are still special to me but none of them remained my friend”.

Q" are in you in general, the person who breaks up with the other person?"

T " I am not successful in breaking up with others if I really love that other person. This is why, breaking up with the other person was always very hard to me, no matter who wanted to end this relationship; myself or the other person”

Q" Are you gutsy(determined, courage) when it comes to relationships?"

T " I used to be more gutsy in the past when i started a relationship but now it is more difficult for me. After a while, you do not want a fleeting relationship. You bypass the time of teenagers and you become a woman and you want to feel like one and you want someone who makes you feel that you are one. Relationship for fun only, are difficult and makes you tired”
T “ If there was a love relationship, it needs to be permanent. It needs to be a good one and one that makes me happy and does not create problems for me. It needs to make the world much better for me..These conditions complicate things and make you examine your choices better and makes it harder on you and makes you lose your courage”
T “ it looks that it has become very hard to find a person who you can trust and who you can confine in him, who you like to listen to, and tell him your personal problems. All these things are very important”.
T “ I need a strong person who knows what he wants and who makes me trust him”.

Question “ what are you looking for in love”?

T “ I am tired of unstable relationships. These relationships make me either happy or sad, either extremely happy or extremely sad. Although I do believe that you need to suffer a little in order to be happy in a relationship, but in the midst of all this instability, I feel exhausted”

Question “ What do you mean when you say that you need a man who knows what he wants”

T “ Yes, I need someone who knows what he wants, who knows one thing; What he wants and to trust love” (laughing)

Question “ How do you describe yourself in romantic relationship?”

T “ I am always told that I tell the things that should be told at the end, first. I do not like to waste time. I like to say it all in one sitting. I guess I am a little strict or difficult”

Tuba Buyukustun interview Marie Claire 2008 1003998_582731271779780_216256809_n

Translation by Nada Farah

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