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Tuba Elle Oriental interview

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1 Tuba Elle Oriental interview on Sat Jul 06, 2013 4:33 pm



R: “How did you start your career?”
T : “ I was a teenager when someone noticed me and asked me for some photos, so  I did couple of  photo shoots.  Then, I was offered a role in a series by a producer, which I refused.  Subsequently, I refused two more offers because I was still in school and I did not want to pursue a career before I complete my studies.  I think that I accepted the fourth offer which was a small role in a series where I played the role of Zarife. Since then, acting became my career.  However, the funniest thing is that when I was 13 years old, I hated to be in pictures.”
R " How do you spend your day?"
T " I wake up early in the morning and I try to get settled before the girls wake up. I like to see them sleeping. When i am home and not working, i try to spend a long time with them so i take them to the local park and we play together. Sometimes, Onur joins us"
R " how do you manage between your career and your family specially after the birth of the twins"?
T " In the beginning, my husband and I were the only caretakers of the babies, but after seven months, I decided to go back to work so i hired a nanny"
R " How did they change your life?"
T " It is hard to explain but i started to feel more like a lady and they gave me a reason to get up in the morning. More importantly, nothing breaks me or weakens me if they are OK"
R " How do they differ or are alike"?
T " they are totally different and their only similarity is that they are both girls" ( and she laughed)
R "what was the most strange event in your life"
T " when the doctor informed me that I was carrying twins, although i was not surprised because i had some feeling"
R " Do you think that your career will prosper and you will find yourself in Hollywood one day?"
T " Inchallah, this would be great but i do not plan ahead. I live day by day"
R " What is your beauty routine?"
T "limited to simple care, like washing my face and my teeth and using a moisturizer. This is all, very simple"
R " How do you describe your style?"
T " I like to wear cmfortable clothing "
R " Who are your favorite designers?"
T " Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs"
R " Who is the most attractive man you have worked with in front of cameras?"
T " my husband"
R " What is your favorite movie?"
T " Breakfast at Tiffany's"
R " When do you feel like you are flying because of happiness?"
T " I do not fly because of happiness so often, but when the girls call me " mama", i lose it "
R " Where do you get your energy from?"
T " I get it from the sun.  I love the sun. When it is sunny, i know my day will be a good one”

R " What are your special addresses in Istambul??"
T " Ulus 29, Dragon Delicatessen"
R " what are your favorite locations around the world?"
T " Paris, mount of Saint Michael , and Prague"
R " Name three things that you would carry with you with you all the time during your travel"
T " My toothbrush and my twin daughters" ( she smiles)
R " give us your special recipe"
T " Manti similar to shish barak"
R " what do you think of the oriental woman?"
T " she is similar to the Turkish woman; very pretty and loves to take care of her appearance and is trendy"
R " who are your most favorite women?"
T " my mom, and from the celebrities, i chose Cate Blanchett, Audrey Hepburn, and Julia Roberts"
R " who do you prefer Asi or Lamis?"
T " Of course Asi"
R " what were your childhood dreams? And do you think that you have achieved them?"
T " they were changing all the time. One time, i wanted to become a doctor, another time a teacher, and sometimes a ballerina. However, i think that acting is the most appropriate job for me"
Last words for Tuba “I must say that the photo shoot today, was a lot of fun. Even though I did know the photographer from before, but we got along quickly.  I also loved this Louis Vuitton collection that I had the opportunity to wear today.  The clothes were original and trendy.  Each look was a trip across time and place and I am very excited to see the photos.  It was a great and effective team to work with.   True that this was our first time working together, but we felt as if we knew each other for a long time”.

Translation by Nada Farah, thank you dear

photosession by rodrigue zahr

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