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Ayse Arman: Interview with Tuba Buyukustun(english)

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Tuba five years ago and Tuba now, where is the diference?

I was more closed and more like protecting myself from people five years ago. Now i'm much more open, more softener. My doughters are closing to their first birthday, when I look at them i'm positively shocked. I'm 30 years old, two gorgeous child, great husband and work that I'm enjoying to do...What would one person possibly want more?

Doughters, explain their meaning to you?

Ooo, they are everything to me. They were 7 months only with us. With Onur and me. Only four of us and it's great.

No need for nanny, we talk about two babies?

No...No...No need for help. To the people might sounded strange but we actually wanted only us with babies. It was this way even on the day when we left hospital, Onur drived the car and they were back their seats next to us. There our adventure begins, and crying too. Everything seemed as some parent - test for us, but seems like we passed it.

Ayse Arman: Interview with Tuba Buyukustun(english) 397654_486009048117693_904427527_a

Lots of people have fear, even from taking new-born baby in their hands?

Well, that's not with us, not at all...Onur helped alot there. Really, he was very resourcefull. While girls crying at night he would replace me, especialy when i'm tired. No complying at all. We would love to say we peacefully can stay with our kids at home all the time. But we can't... They were only two and a half months old when they travelled with us in Paris. They would fall asleep in restaurants, something like „keep your children at home“ never was my obsession, I guess we are more comfortable. Some of my Friends would say, when I watch you, it's something like lion family on discovery channel. Never in same place, you are always in move.

Is there something special you ask for your kids?

No...not those things...we aren't obsessed with this

What became your motherhood obsession?

I become obsessed with controling when kids aren't with me. When i started to work, they were 8 months old and I was obligated to hire babysitter then. Even if I made shedule with what she needs to do, i'm still checking, asking dayly reports about Maya and Toprak, or photos of them...I'm to presize in all this. I want to know every move of my doughters.

Don't you ever say „I want leave series, I don't want to lose my precious time with children“?

Yes i'm saying it...But, in both of that I'm recognizing what I actually am, in acting and in motherhood.

Did you hesitate to accept role in series now?

Yes I did, I didn't wanted to do series now. Because, series seaks more time. But this one seemed very interesting to me. I wanted to be this woman, i wanted to revive this woman.

How much actually acting is important to you?

I'm the person who apreciate professionalism, i believe that you must carry it in yourself. And now when I'm involved in all that, I'm obligated to deal with it.

How do you find yourself in your new role?

I will let the audience to rate that. First episode had good ratings. I hope people like it. That woman is totally different than others, did she or not "the murder"? Impossible to resolve.

20 minutes is adaptation of „next three days“ movie, right?

No, original movie is french movie „pur elle“. It will be combination of „next three days“ and other movie. Ezel script writers Pinar and Kerem are making their vision of this movie.

Is there competition relation between Beren Saat and you?

No such a thing between us. It's not based on trouth(facts)

But they constantly compare you?

Yes, series, but it's not fair, not just to me or Beren it's not fair to another persons involved in series.

Have you ever met?

No, simply didn't happen was it for you?

I've got pregnant...There wasn't anybody around me to share their experiences about pregnancy. I guess you wont believe me, but arnold s. movie „junior“ relaxed me. I saw the move and said „Oh „tamam“, my feelings are normal“.

What kind of couple you are?

Onur and I in couple, making eachother stronger

How hard for him is to be married with Tuba Buyukustun?

No dear. He made me underline different view points in my life. Sometimes his „Tuba, where do you looking at“ is his trying to understand me. Because then i was totaly in my own world.

You grew up in Anatolian side?

Yes, I was there and I love it...Go for your breakfast in pijama and nobody cares about it.

„Do you know who I am“ or still seaking...

Who I am, then. Now I'm person who is enjoyong in her job, best I can, but people must now where is the limit of exaggeration. Being famous is not something that lasts forever.

Your feelings changed about your husband after giving birth?

Yes, it's much bigger excitement than before. Because i saw his different side, i met his "father" side. now i feel this excitement will last(he will be by her side)

Tell me about birth experience?

I felt one dissapointment, because I wanted normal birth. One of the girls turned oposite and I was obligated on cesarean section....(rest is about children activeness and her dialing with it)

What is your Story?

My father's side are Cretan's , mother's Crimean. Mother works in advertisement bank section. Father is electronic engineer. Both worked, I was with my grandmother.

Was it sad childhood?

No, but i felt lonely, shy and quiet, in my world...not comunicate to much. I went to goztepe school, than high school, than mimar sinan university, then my life turned away.

Weren't you the prettiest girl in school all the time?

I never care about it, I was trying to find myself. Who am I? What do I want? What's going on with me? I believe in what? What's Life for me? What's Religion for me? What is Love?

Did you find your answers?

Step by step, yes

What did you imagined for your future?

I didn't...I didn't know what to do...Tomris saw me in commercial and rest of it...just happen

How did you decide to act in commercial then?

In mimar university, one day I was with my friend and we saw photo workshop... I have big fear from camera, Later agencies find me and I started to work on commercials, Tomris discovered me.

Turning long friendship in love, how was it?

After while you starting to understand that love exsists through friendship

What makes Onur different from other men's?

Looking in his eyes, he is the only one that could make me feel better, without words. I am pretty anxious person, but with onur, no need to worry, he is there for me. He can calm me and he is the one who bring „calm“ feeling my life. He is good for me.

How did you decided to marry?

4-5 years we were friends, than lovers, we lived two months together.

How did he convince you?

He didn't, it just happen. Long lasting relationships never end with marriage. Onur knows me very well. He knew he will have to catch me, because I was always afraid of marriage.marriage makes you leave your selfish side. But I didn't left that side.(after getting married)

Who loves more?

It's changing, sometimes he does, sometimes me...

Why did you get married in consulate?

Your wedding day should be your prettiest day in life, far away from protocol, boring stuffs and chaos. 20 people there, only our family. I love Paris very much, it was Onur's suprise.

Social life?

No, not clubs or something like that...We are very boring family.

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